Dr. Lilly Ostoich, Founder Zoetica

Welcome to Zoetica…


Zoetica is the genesis of beauty. A personalized wellness
center combining health and well being with beauty and luxury.
Everything we do at Zoetica begins with you.


“We can impact our quality
of life and longevity by keeping our bodies
pure and maintaining a focus on health.”

Dr. Lilly Ostojich
Founder and Owner

The nation’s first and only USDA Certified Organic health and wellness facility, Zoetica, located in Chicago’s Gold Coast, offers guests a complete health and wellness experience. Optimizing each guest’s well being and beauty with science-based health assessments and personalized organic prescriptions, we provide a fully toxin-free environment and USDA Certified Organic skin, body and beauty care.

Taking a naturally luxurious approach to wellness with personalized, non-invasive science-based treatments, a toxin-free environment and organic foods, we support your health and well being with a range of skin and body care treatments utilizing fresh, organic produce and Zoetica ONE, our USDA Certified Organic face and body care products, as well as light and laser therapies, anti-aging technologies, and personalized health optimization therapies.

Certified according to the guidelines set forth by the USDA, Zoetica is committed to providing and educating Zoetica guests and members about the products, treatments and technologies that are safe and effective for both the health of the body and that of the Earth.

As the Green movement blossoms, Zoetica is setting the standard of integrity for the health and beauty industries, guiding businesses and individuals in healthy living and living well. Showcasing the future of sustainability, Zoetica is the genesis of true beauty.

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